About Debbie

End of Life Doula

I knew at a very young age that I had an affinity to caring for others who are in pain, ill, or suffering. Rather than being fearful of death I am drawn to make the experience more comfortable and to support others while they grieve. With these instincts my natural career pathway was to become a healthcare professional. After working for 29 years as a paramedic and RN I felt called to become an end of life doula. My values and beliefs include that people have the right to die supported in the setting of their chioice with loved ones nearby. If it is not possible for a person to die at home then their environment needs to bring them peace and comfort. The focus of end-of-life care should always be about the person who is terminally ill and their loved ones. Grieving often starts before a physical loss of a loved one. As an end of life doula I will guide you with comforting rituals, holistic practices, and working on legacy projects to lessen your suffering. This short introduction is so you know a little about me, from here on out it is all about you.